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Turning Point Commercial Real Estate

Distressed Asset Solutions

We assist you with the security, maintenance, and disposition of your REO properties, failed developments, and other non-performing physical assets. We are able to provide a prompt and detailed broker opinion of value supported by current market comps for use in your internal analysis.

Our approach allows financial institutions to maintain the value of their special assets while also minimizing additional risk and preparing the assets for sale.

Complex Deal Structuring 

Our services provide real estate developers, companies, and investors the expertise to structure transactions to maximize economic benefits and minimize tax consequences. 

We have extensive experience in new development projects, public and private syndicated partnerships, joint ventures, commercial leases, property acquisitions, dispositions, tax-free exchanges, complex asset refinancing, and debt restructuring. 

We have decades of experience analyzing the terms of complicated real estate and have created a well-structured, multi-disciplinary team that is capable of providing essential expertise to any deal.

​We provide consulting services to assist in the implementation of real estate strategies to maximize your return on investment.  

Our services are tailored to your specific needs and are designed not only to identify problems but also to implement solutions. Using an integrated problem solving approach, we are committed to meeting your goals in a seamless and transparent fashion.

Corporate Real Estate Solutions

The location of a corporation's real estate, or more specifically, where it is doing business, can significantly impact a company's operating costs and efficiency. A poor location can greatly affect a company's labor cost, recruiting, transportation costs, accessibility to markets and materials, exchange of ideas, technology, and even its national and international image.

We will help your company develop a strong strategic plan that will leverage its real estate to reach its maximum benefit, and improve the corporation's bottom-line rather than simply reduce occupancy cost.

Turning Point Commercial Real Estate Corporate Real Estate Solutions
Turning Point Commercial Real Estate Distressed Asset Solutions
Turning Point Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services
Turning Point Commercial Real Estate Complex Deal Structuring