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Turning Point Commercial Real Estate

We take a roll up our sleeves approach to brokerage services when it comes to designing solutions to fit your forecasted goals and objectives. 
Our professional team understands the needs of landlords and tenants. They keep attuned to the ever-changing market and sub-market conditions, giving critical insight important to make the decisions that ultimately drive the success of your asset.
Landlord Representation

Successful leasing is the foundation of creating value. But it's not just about leasing space; it's about determining the right mix of tenants to maximize value.

A comprehensive marketing platform for the property is imperative and provides the best exposure, but a careful evaluation of the property produces strategies to re-align, stabilize, and increase leasing revenues. These combined, develop awareness in the marketplace and attract the greatest user demand for your property.

Tenant Representation

Having an experienced representative on your side to avoid common pitfalls and carefully guide you through the complex leasing process is essential. We start by getting to know you and your business objectives, to not only negotiate the most favorable terms, but ensure your lease is carefully structured to address your future needs.

With extensive access to relevant market data regarding space, location, and availability, including comparable lease rates, vacancy factors, and other pertinent data, we can provide both the advice and information necessary to fulfill your company's space requirements.

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Turning Point Commercial Real Estate Landlord Representaion
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Because today's commercial real estate environment is more complex than ever, we make it our business to become experts at performing due diligence functions and assessing the underlying value of real estate assets regardless of size and product type. 

We assist in reviewing options as they relate to the intended purchase of commercial real estate. You can rely on our local knowledge and expertise to find the right property that meets your current and future needs.


We are experts in the sales process. We'll take the time to get to know the unique attributes of your property in order to provide you with an accurate, detailed, and insightful analysis necessary to make the best recommendations to produce your desired results.

Our effective and aggressive marketing campaigns coupled with our strategic relationships create a powerful synergy for generating opportunities to match potential buyers with your property quickly, efficiently and at a best possible price.